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A thorough initial assessment can be arranged after an initial telephone call. The assessment will be guided by the reason for referral and will cover; 

- Use of language (expressive language) 

- Understanding of language (receptive language) 

- Speech sounds 

- Play 

- Interaction 

-Social communication

- Attention and Listening 

- Fluency 

An initial assessment usually lasts around 1.5 hours with the child after which a comprehensive report will be written including information gained from the child's parents and, if necessary, school/ nursery. 


After assessment therapy sessions can take place at home or in school/ nursery. Therapy will work towards bespoke targets identified from assessment and agreed with parents. Targets will be set based on the latest evidence and what would be most beneficial for the child ensuring a holistic and child-centred approach. 

Therapy sessions comprise of activities tailored for the individual child. They will always aim to be fun, playful and engaging for the child. All intervention is underpinned with the core belief that therapy should be a positive and empowering experience for every child. 


Bespoke training tailored to the individual or school/ nurseries needs can be arranged. Please follow the link below and submit a contact form giving details of the training you are looking for. 

Some examples of training include; 

- 1:1 training for nannies/ childminders detailing the child's communication profile and techniques and activities to develop the child's communication.

- Whole school training on communication friendly environments, signs of speech language and communication needs and classroom strategies.

- Supporting Children with Autism in the classroom

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